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Who We Are:

MH Assisting & Concierge Services founded in 2015 by Erica Mills, who has well over fifteen years of  executive administrative assisting experience in corporate and entertainment environments. Her tenure afforded her the opportunity to work with companies such as Blockbuster Corp., J.C. Penney Corp., Frito Lay Inc., and more.


What We Do:

MH Assisting & Concierge Services provides daily, weekly, or monthly operations support, and / or business start up solutions to companies and artist, while working in a remote location to cut the cost of overhead, and office location expenses. However, MHACS will travel to client destination on an as needed basis.

Who We Serve:

MH Assisting & Concierge Services serves all forms of entertainers, businesses, athletic trainers, media production teams, professional speakers, publicist and public relations teams,  and celebrities.

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